Apple iPhone 7 Ad – An Analysis

Apple’s newest ad for their newest product seems to be a similar take on individualism as their AirPod ads, however, they have included some interesting statements that should be noted in this ad.

This ad seems to form its message very simply, by using the jazz music in the background, we are to understand this free-form nature of the device and the art.  We can also note, that this music sounds almost unskillful, implying to the viewer that these photos were taken by an unskilled hand.  It, moreover, shows us a series of images where the people are shown in two contexts: mysterious, and alone -Note: the dancers dance out of sync and the two women sitting together are decided by piercing white neon light (Remember this for later).  It is as if Apple is telling us that the majority of consumers seek with their art, however cheap or not, to propose an individualistic tone that also begets wonderment.  But, the object of that wonderment is the person.  There is also a very interesting artistic choice the ad makes, every time we are met with a face, the face is facing that source of light.  The singular instance of this not occurring  is the woman in the umbrella. Why?

The beginning title screen states:  “One Night on Earth” and throughout the ad, a series of photos are shown during nighttime.  However, at the end of the ad, a sunrise of the Shanghai sky-line is shown.  Then the text “Shot on iPhone 7” and the Apple logo.

Why?  Why?  Why?  Think.

IBM’s motto is Think.  Apple’s is (or should be) “Light.”  We are to understand, that the sunrise is not orchestrated by the sun, but by Apple.  The music that cues the transition of pictures to piano cords ends with the Apple Logo and the highest pitched of any of those cords.  Where does all the light fall?  On the face of people photographed by an iPhone 7.  As if, because of the product, light or mysteriousness has been cast on their face for the picture, for the iPhone 7, by Apple.  It is then to say, from the AirPod ad and this ad, that Apple is the supposed light and the supposed imagination.  And if it rains and there is no light?  Just look down.


p.s.  I did not include the fact that Apple included the names of the people that shot the photos in the bottom of the video.  Why?  It’s simply to show that they have a personalized relationship with their consumer base, this merely increases the import of what I say above and does not fortify new meaning.


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